Master Classes

Heather travels both nationally and internationally to teach master classes in:

  • Vocal Technique

  • Audition Preparation

  • Performance Polish

  • The Business of Singing

If you’d like to inquire about bringing Heather to your city/school/theatre to teach, please fill out the form below.


Private Voice Lessons

Receive one-on-one vocal training from Heather in-person (private studio in Naples) or online (via video conferencing). 60-minute sessions are offered to students of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re just learning to sing or polishing your next aria for the stage, Heather can offer technique, add performance polish, and give real-world advice for any singer looking to improve their craft. 


Business Consultant

As a seasoned performer with Broadway tours, cruise ships, and symphonies on her résumé, Heather loves teaching singers the business of singing. Discover how to elevate your career, sell out your shows, build your own voice studio, or make the move from production singer to headliner. 





Who do you work with?

Budding performers who are ready to blossom. The repertoire of my students includes musical theatre, opera, pop, rock, R&B and singer-songwriter. No matter your genre of music, I will find a way to tap into your artistry and bring out the best in you! 

What if I’m a beginner?

Every master was once a beginner.  It’s important to get started. I create a safe space for all performers and artists to thrive. My students are a diverse bunch: but they all share a passion for performing and a yearning to hone their craft. Apply to join the studio and start your journey.

What if I’m a professional?

All professionals need teachers. In my own work I seek several coaches and consultants to share ideas on a regular basis. My goal for you is to help you find what you’re searching for through collaboration. Whether we develop a trick within a phrase of a song or tap into something as intangible as confidence, together we will shine the light on your path to success. 

Why should I work with Heather over others?

Having performed multiple genres on stages all over the world, I can relate to many different types of singers and performing scenarios. I am a working artist, with my finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the industry. 

How do I book?